Professor Teng


Professor Teng is an internationally recognized Qigong master who has been practicing Qigong for over forty years. A graduate from the Beijing T.C.M. University and a well learned student of countless Qigong Masters, he used ancient Chinese health preserving techniques to gradually created Kongran theory, in which his Qigong is based.

Kongran theory's main concepts are derived from the archaic Chinese aerification theory,  which emphasizes purity, simplicity and peacefulness.

Qi is the origin of nature and is essential in sustaining and developing the mind, body and spirit. When Qi is imbalanced it will result in various kinds of health problems, ranging from minor illnesses like the common cold, to very serious diseases such as Cancer and Diabetes.

In order to prevent such illnesses, Professor Teng combined mind/body exercises to balance both internal and external Qi, promoting ones over all mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

It was about 1988 when Kongran theory first started to take shape and to this day, Dr. Teng has never ceased to continue the development of his techniques and theory, as well as the pursuit of providing self health maintenance and enhancement exercises for the average to advanced practicer.

Professor Teng is currently Chief Herbalist at The Chinese Folk Acupuncture Society, an esteemed Member of The International Medical Qigong Association, and a well respected Acupuncturist through out China.

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