Kong Ran Qi Gong Practice

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Kong Ran Qi Gong Practice
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Given to us by Professor Teng

The purpose of Kongran Qigong is to balance and harmonize ones internal and external Qi, promoting ones over all mental, physical and spiritual well-being.


  1. Stand with your feet together, heals touching, toes apart at forty-five degrees from the center, your body upright, your arms relaxed by your sides and the top of your head elevated as if being pulled up by a string. 
    • Relax  in this stance for a moment, let your mind clam and your breath be natural.
    • Step to the left with your left foot in aline with the outside of your left shoulder.
    • Relax again.
    • Step to the right with your right foot in aline with the outside of your right shoulder.
    • Relax again, letting your mind calm and your breath be natural.
  2. Stand in the first Posture as described below.
  3. Then start the visualizations.
  4. Then go through the relaxation sequence while holding the opening posture.
  5. Then start the hand postures as described with pictures below. Hold each posture for a couple of minutes until you feel relaxed. ( click on the postures to see pictures of them )
  6. Then Close

Note: You can do just the opening posture and close if you want, especially in the beginning when you're not used to holding the postures for a long time and then gradually add each posture one at a time as you get more comfortable holding them for longer time. You can also choose to only practice the postures you need depending on what is best for you.