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Relaxation Sequence:

As you go to each part of the body, pause for a moment and feel the tension melt away and really relax as you continue to breath naturally, then move on to the next part of the body and do the same until your whole body feels very relaxed.

Continue breathing in clean Qi from the Bahui point on your head and exhaling waste Qi from the Yongquan points on your feet while you relax your body in the following succession very slowly.

Note: You can repeat the relaxation sequence as many time as you need and can go through it at any time during the practice.

  1. head
  2. neck
  3. shoulders
  4. upper arms
  5. elbows
  6. forearms
  7. hands
  8. upper back and chest
  9. lower back, abdomen and pelvis
  10. upper legs
  11. knees and back of the knees
  12. lower legs
  13. feet
  14. Feel the whole body is relaxed