Kong Ran Qi Gong Practice - Closing

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Inhale gently then hold your breath as you move your left foot back to its original opening position, centered with the toes forty-five degrees from the center.

Relax and exhale

Inhale genteelly again and repeat with your right foot.

With your feet together inhale and hold your breath for a few seconds

Relax and exhale

Slowly open your eyes


Never practice when you are angry or experiencing any intense emotions. Always be in a good mood when practicing.

People who are too Yang in nature should avoid practicing the Yang postures and should focus on practicing the Yin postures to strengthen yin energy.

People who are too Yin in nature (closed up in their own spirit) should practice both the Yin and Yang posture practicing the Yang longer while being careful not to build too much Yang energy too quickly. If Yang energy builds too quickly, our system will not be able to assimilate it and health problems will occur. If you start having difficulty sleeping and/or are feeling more aggressive than normal, you should stop practicing completely until you sleep better and feel calm again. Then restart the practice, by just doing the Yin postures and contact us and we will help you to develop a practice plan that works best for you.

Where we practice is very important, try to find places where Qi flows smoothly, where the air is pure and where you feel at peace.

During the practice, we open all our channels to let Qi from nature enter the body, so the environment we practice in needs to be carefully chosen to achieve the best results.

Qi must flow in order to be pure. Look for a good place, not too close to stagnate water or in a valley with too much mist, pollution or noise.

Wear natural clothing and shoes with soles which Qi can travel through freely (leather or cotton are good). This practice is most effective if taught personally by Professor Teng or a qualified teacher. A teacher will transfer an energetic code to your system, which will help guide your Qi when practicing and deliver much greater results.