The Small Universe

Xiao Zhou Tian (Small Universe Circulation)

The Small Universe Circulation in Taoism means one circulation of Qi up the Governing Vessel and then down the Conception Vessel as one complete circuit.

In this circulation, Qi starts at Lower-Dantian, goes downward to pass the Huiyin Point, then the anus, and then goes up the back through the Governing Vessel passing through the three Gates (Weilv, Jiaji, and Yuzhen), arrives at the Yin Tang Point, continues down the Governing Vessel to the Renzhong Point (GV-26),

Then connects with the Conception Vessel, via the "Magpie Bridge". Qi usually moves through smoothly down the Conception Vessel to Lower dantian.

Since the Qi rotation is relatively smaller, it is called the Small Universe.

This is the first step of Inner Alchemy practice; the transmutation of Jing into Qi.

Please Note: There are several details in the Small Universe Circulation practice that may vary according to its lineage. The above description is intended to give a very basic description to those whom have not had the chance to practice yet and is by no means intended an instruction manuel.

  • Qi means essential life force.
  • Small Universe Circulation is also called the Microcosmic Orbit, Small Circulation, Small Orbit etc..
  • Lower Dantian is one of the three major energy centers of the human body. It is a crucial energy center for almost all Chinese Cultivation practices.
  • Huiyin Point is located at the perineum between the genitals and the anus.
  • The Three Gates
    1. Weilv Gate (corresponds to GV-1),
    2. Jiaji Gate (corresponds to GV-10), and...
    3. Yuzhen Gate (corresponds to GV-17)
  • Magpie Bridge: is a Taoist term which refers to any of the temporary connections of two Acupoints; in this case the connection of the GV-26 and .
  • Yintang Point (Extra-1) is an acupoint located at the middle of the eyebrows also called the "Third Eye".
  • Biqiao Midpoint is a Taoist Acupoint located at the bisection of the two Yingxiang Points (LI-20) on the Large Intestine Channel.
  • Jing means essence, its the raw material or unrefined energy.