Yellow Court Scripture


The Yellow Court Scripture is an early Daoist classic, the author of which still remains unknown. It has two volumes; The Yellow Court Inner View Jade Scripture (Inner View Scripture for short) and the Yellow Court Outer View Jade Scripture (Outer View Scripture for short).

The Inner View Scripture was handed down by Lady Wei Huacun. Lady Wei, was a Daoist who lived during the Jin Dynasty (265-420 CE). She also handed down the Shang Qing Scripture, and is recognized as the master of the Shang Qing Sect of Daoism. (The Shang Qing Sect was the precursor for the Mao Shan Sect)

The main principles and key points of the Yellow Court practice are as following:

  • Concentrate your mind and visualize.
  • Relax, be tranquil and be natural.
  • Spirit ( Shen) and Mind (Yi) are in charge.
  • Containing the Essence and Qi of Kidney, is the root.
  • Intercourse of yin and yang, and concentration of Shen and Qi to cultivate the elixir.
  • Gargle and swallow saliva, and absorb Original-Qi to nourish the root of spirit and clean the body.
  • Follow natures rules, (like Yin & Yang, and the Five-Elements).
  • Moral cultivation

The specific ways of practicing are mainly as follows:

  • Inward contemplation of Lower Dantian
  • Every breath goes down to the spiritual root (Dantian)
  • Gargle and swallow saliva to irrigate the spiritual root
  • Inward contemplation on the organs and other body parts
  • Combine breathing and inward contemplation, while sinking Qi to Dantian
  • Be cautions of sexual life. Close the gate of Essence (Jing). Hold on to Jing and Qi.

According to the Yellow Court Scripture, the first priority of cultivation and practice is holding on to Jing and nourishing, cultivating and absorbing Original Qi.

Combining Qi and Essence from your body, and from nature, and concentrating these two under the "God Mind" into elixir, and then absorbing the elixir, is the root of cultivation and longevity.

This classic also says that Jing, Qi and Shen generate and cultivate each other, and can transform into each other. When you have abundant Qi and fluid in your body, you can wash away the dirtiness and cleanse your body.

It also focuses on the functions of organs, and what they mean to the practice, especially the importance of Heart, Kidney and Spleen in cultivation practice.

Moreover, it discusses the idea of absorbing harmonious Qi from the universe, and taking in Qi from the sun, moon and stars. The cultivation practice should follow nature's rules, and beware of the importance of proper timing.

Generally speaking, the core of this classic is to practice the "Yellow Court". It's a cultivation of Jing, Qi and Shen, the basis of which are the cultivation of Qi and Shen.

Chapter 1 Shang Qing

In the purple clouds covering Shang Qing Heaven and the Rui Zhu Mansion, the highest deity is narrating this Yellow Court Scripture in the form of a 7-character poems. This scripture can help you convert the Five-Zang-Organs, enhancing your bodily functions. If you can sincerely focus and visualize the three Dantians, your "Sacred Fetus" will start dancing, the scene of which is like the sun shining everywhere. This Yellow Court Scripture is also called "Jade Scripture," which implies that it's very precious and worth spending a lot of time and effort to study. If you can read this scripture over ten thousand times, then all of your illnesses will diminish, and you will live a long life, without fear of tigers and wolves.

Commentary of Chapter One:

Purple Clouds: Purple is the color of the harmonious combination of Yin and Yang. Both Taoists and TCM doctors emphasize the harmonious combination of Yin and Yang, consider it's the ancestor of all entities. So here purple clouds is used to describe the harmonious view of Shang Qing Heaven.

Shang Qing: It is one of the three Heavens, where gods and deities resident. The deity named Tian Bao is in charge of Yu Qing Heaven and his Qi is green; the deity Ling Bao is in charge of Shang Qing Heaven and his Qi is yellow; and the deity Shen Bao is in charge of Tai Qing Heaven and his Qi is White. Although the three Heavens have their own names and colors, they are all generated by Original Qi. That's why we say, "One Qi transforms into three Qings". Daoists believe that the "three Qings" and the deities of the three Heavens were all generated by Original Qi.

Rui Zhu: Is the name of a mansion in the Shang Qing Heaven, which is the working place of the deity in charge of all entities, whose name is Tai Shang Da Dao Yu Chen Jun ( Supreme Great Dao Jade Sun Rise Emperor) .

Five Zang Organs: The Five-Zang-Organs are Heart, Liver, Spleen, Lung and Kidney, they are where people store Jing, Qi and Shen.

Chapter 2 Shang You

The Heart is above, where Shen is stored; and Guan Yuan is below, where Jing stored. To the left is Shaoyang, and to the right is Taiyin; the Kidney is behind, and the navel is in front. The Yellow Court is at the middle of these four points. The Qi you breathe out is Yang, like the sun; the Qi you breathe in is Yin, like the moon. Every breath leads to the root, and is stored at the Yellow Court, which can trigger prenatal breathing. The Real Qi of Liver, Heart, Lung and Kidney are connected with every part of the body, which is like how the Qi of the Four Seasons are connected with the constellations in the sky. Your sight is shining on the whole body, and the Jing and Qi of the three Dantians are as pure as the white clouds, irrigating the Five Zang Organs and nourishing the Spiritual Root of life. The Seven Fluids flow into and gather in the Yellow Court. Concentrate your mind and look inside, focus your Shen on the Dantian. Then you can see the Kidney area and the two Ming-Men points are lit up.

Commentary of Chapter Two:

Guan Yuan: means the Guan Yuan Point, which is 3 inches below the navel.

Spiritual Root (灵根 ling gen): means the root of life, which is located at the Lower Dantian. It is the root of life below the navel. Common people's Spiritual Root is not solid and steady, and is easily disturbed by lust. It gets weaker and weaker day after day, and then comes the death. The main principle of practicing is to make good use of your breathing to gather a lot of saliva and swallow it, which is like nourishing the plants with manure, to make them have strong and steady roots. People can live because there is Jing. Accumulating Jing can fulfill the Shen. This is why we call the place to store Jing "Spiritual Root".

Seven Fluids (七液 qi ye): means Qi, Blood and the Jing fluid of the Five Zang Organs (Heart, Liver, Spleen, Lung and Kidney). According to the Yellow Emperor's Canon, both saliva and fluid are generated by the Jing and Qi of water and food. The function of fluid is to "nourish and tonify brain and marrow" and "invigorate Jing and moisture the empty holes". The nature of fluid is Yin and goes down.

Ming-Men: ("阳门yang men" means the Ming Men Point) literally means "Life-Gate". In Inner Alchemy means concentrate and focus the light of Shen on the Lower Dantian, accumulating Jing and Qi. After Jing and Qi are abundant, they turn into the spiritual light that shines on the two Ming Men around kidneys.

Chapter 3 Kou Wei

The name of the mouth is Jade Pond, which is also known as the Great Harmony Palace. Rinsing and swallowing the Spirit Fluid (saliva) can prevent all kinds of diseases; wash away dirty things inside of the body, and make our bodies look magnificent with shining skins and smell like orchid and have a healthy complexion. Focusing on the practice is good for our body and can enlighten our mind just like being in the moon palace. Calming your Heart-Mind to visualize, can make you be an immortal, not afraid of thunder and lightning.

Commentary of Chapter Three:

Jade Pond (玉池 yu chi): Implies that the mouth stores saliva. Common people's mouths are full of turbid-murky Qi, because they don't know the Law of Ascend and Descend, and the right way of Tu Na (breathing), which blocks the clear Qi of the Lower Jiao from rising up, and the turbid Qi of the Upper Jiao from going down. The mouth is a "jade pond" because it's clean; the title of the mouth is the "Great Harmony Palace" is because it can adjust to balance."

Great Harmony (太和 tai he): Indicates the merging of Yin Qi and Yang Qi while they reach a great harmonious state. There are two fountains under the tongue, which are named as Lian Quan and Yu Ying. Gold fluid comes out from the left fountain; jade fluid comes out from the right. These two types of fluid are both generated by the harmonious merging of Yi Qi and Yang Qi.

Spirit Fluid (灵液 ling ye): Implies saliva generated by food essence and the Real Qi forge. The fluid that is generated by food essence is also important to normal physical maintenance. The famous doctor Li Shizhen from the Ming Dynasty said that "there are four apertures under the tongue. Two are connected with Heart Qi; two are connected with Kidney Fluid. The Heart Qi flows under the tongue and is called Shen Water; the Kidney Fluid flows under the tongue and is called Spirit Fluid...they irrigate organs and moisturize the body. That's why practitioners swallow saliva and Qi, and call it ‘clean water irrigates the Root of Spirit'".

Moon Palace (广寒 guang han): here indicates a certain state of practice. After your practice reaches to certain level, you will feel like there is a bright moon shining inside of your head, pure, clear and cool. Because the head is the Confluence of All Yang Channels, and the moon represents the essence of Yin. This clean, clear and cool feeling implies the harmony of Yin and Yang.

Chapter 4 Huang Ting

Visualize that in the Yellow Court, there is an immortal wearing colorful silk and brocade clothes with a purple dress around the waist and an elegant white cape as light as the clouds. This sight is like a jade tree with branches that are a riot of colors, splendid and magnificent.

The seven orifices and the jade flute are closed like shutting a heavy door, which won't open unless it's the critical moment.

The main gateway latch is secured by golden and jade locks. Although there is a gate, it is always closed. Kidneys are the mansion that stores the Original Jing, which should be as strong as mountains. The Jing and Qi in the three Dantian is subtle and profound. Close the two eyes and look inside and visualize. You can see the pagoda, all organs and every part of the body are bright and clear. The Heaven Gate and the Earth Gate should always be guarded as if with soldiers around it. If you can keep practicing this way, you will have a strong heart and healthy body.

Commentary of Chapter Four:

Immortal Wearing Colorful Clothes (内人服锦衣 nei ren fu jin yi): is used to personify the Dantian to aid cultivation: the Yellow Court Immortal wears colorful clothes that are made of silk and brocade, implies that Jing and Qi of all organs gather in the Dantian. Purple represents the harmony of Yin and Yang as well as represents Kidney Qi, White represents the Lung.
Brocade: Is a heavy fabric interwoven with a rich, raised design, as of silk, velvet, gold, or silver, woven into it, typically woven on a draw loom.
Silk: is a valuable fabric made from the soft, lustrous fiber obtained as a filament from the cocoon of the silkworm, know for its elegance and therapeutic qualities. Silk cloth refracts incoming light at different angles, thus producing different colors.

Purple Dress and White Cape as light as Clouds: Implies that we need to be gentle while concentrating, and at the same time be pure and clean.

Jade Trees: Jade trees are a particular species of tree that symbolize good luck and prosperity. Here represents the gathering of Qi.

A Riot of Colors: Implies the vital energy of all inner organs. Here it means that Qi from all inner organs is gathering at the Dantian (Yellow Court).

Jade Flute (玉龠 yu yue): The original meaning of "yue" is an ancient musical instrument, similar to the flute. Here it implies the male organ "Jing Gate". Jade suggests that it's precious. The Jing Gate is a very important orifice (passage way) in Inner Alchemy practice. Here it represents the sphincter muscle of the male organ, and how important abstaining from ejaculation (not releasing Jing) is to the practice.

Like Shutting a Heavy Door: Implies the need to close and strengthen the seven orifices and the Jing Gate, to prevent any leakage of Jing, Qi or Shen.

Main Gateway Latch (密枢机 mi shu ji): mechanism or pivot that can strengthen and seal gates. Here it emphasizes, that the seven orifices and the Jing Gate should be like super heavy iron locks and gate, tightly closed.

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