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The Qi of Autumn is Yin, dry, cool and depressing in nature. Related to the element metal and associated with the lungs.
Essence-Qi, literally "material power" or " as strong as sinew" or "kidney-Qi" depending on which scholar translates it from ancient Chinese to modern.
Chong Channel
One of the eight extra channels. It originates in the pelvis runs upwards along the interior of the vertebrae. At the same time starts from the sides of the genitalia and passes by both sides of the umbilicus, and ends at the chest. When this channel is obstructed dyspnea, abdominal pain, abnormal menstruation and infertility mainly appear.
Connecting tissue
Refers to all factors that lead to illness.
five Zang-Organs
Heart, Liver, Spleen, Lungs and Kidneys. The common function of the five Zang-organs is to " store JingQi" ( essence ) refine food nutrients responsible for maintenance of life activities.
Five-Flavors (Wu Wei):
Sour, bitter, sweet, pungent and salty
Excess of heart-Qi brings on joy while deficiency of heart-Qi leads to grief. All the emotional activities are controlled by the heart.
People who grasped the changing rules of yin and yang of both Heaven and Earth and were able to conform to the standards of cultivating health and life both mentally and physically.
Syncope due to hyperactive Yang Heat; scorching syncope
Essence Qi or Vital Qi the essential substance in the body, manifested in men as seminal fluid.
The Qi from the kidneys where essence is stored. Responsible for giving the bones their strength. They effect the adrenals and are related to the emotion, fear.
Kidney-Qi will sink
The sinking of Kidney-Qi means that Kidney-Qi fails to accumulate and causes diarrhea and other cold diseases.
The physiological functions of the body fail to adapt to the changes of Yin and Yang in the four seasons.
Perfect People
People with supreme morality and cultivation of life.
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