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Ren Channel (Ren Mai)
Ren Meridian; conception vessel meridian; CV. The Anterior Mid-line Channel. One of the Eight Extra Channels. It originates in the pelvis, and runs upward inside the vertebrae. At the same time, it arises out of the perineum, runs to the mons pubis, upwards along the midline of the abdomen, via the umbilicus, to the chest, neck and the middle of the lower lip, where it divides into two branches, ends at the eyes. In the course of its circulation, it connects with all the Yin channels. It is the reins of all the Yin channels. When it is diseased, there may occur such symptoms as hernia, leucorrhea, or bloody leucorrhea, mass in the abdomen, dysfunction of the viscera in the chest and abdomen, deficiency of Yuan Qi (primordial vital energy).
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