Wuji Zhuang

Introduction: Wuji Zhuang is the foundation practice for building inner Qi in Tai-Chi-Chuan.


Stand with the feet two fist-width apart.
Point your toes forward.
Your eyes remain open at a soft gaze or can be closed.
Barley bend your knees so, they are just not locked.
Let your arms be very relaxed, while they hang by your sides, and the hands very gently touch the legs.
Touch the tongue to the roof of your mouth, very gently.
Relax, and let your breath get deeper, longer and smoother. With your mind, feel your inner organs and let them relax more and more with each breath.


Remain in the above mentioned stance.
Be very relaxed.
Focus lightly on the Bubbling Spring Point (K-1).
Adjust your weight so that it puts pressure on the K-1 Point. Press the head upward, while keeping pressure on the K-1 Point and be aware of Lower-Dantian.
Let your bones feel as if they are elevating, and your muscles are melting.
Empty the mind, relax the chest and fill the abdomen.
When breathing in the hands may naturally lift slightly.


Slowly move your left foot back to its original position. Stand in this position for a few seconds, raze onto your toes, and gently bounce three times. Drop onto your heals and rock back a little, raze back on to your toes and repeat two more times making a total of three times that you raze, bounce and rock.


  1. While practicing, your spirit remains and holds everything together. Don't let everything go. Remain aware of your surroundings.
  2. When relaxing remember to relax both the muscles and the inner organs. When the organs are relaxed Qi will circulate smoother. When saliva builds in the mouth, let it and the swallow it in three gulps.
  3. A tingling sensation in the hands is a sign that the channels are opening and Qi is flowing. This is good.
  4. Some lower back pain, in the beginning is normal.
  5. "Be aware of Lower-Dantian" means that you know its there, but your not focusing on it.
  6. Practice every day for 45 minutes for one hundred days.